Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick update!

So according to this 2012 cross stitch challenge I joined, I should be on day 10. Well, folks, I am just as behind as I was for day 8! But you know, I don't have the stitching time I would like to have just now. For one thing, I have been working nights, and will be doing that for at least another 2 weeks. For another thing, I also need to get up at 6 a.m. to make lunches for my 3 kids, and get them all ready for school. (NO, I don't like to make lunches the night before; I feel they don't taste fresh then.) What this means is that once the kids are in school, I don't want to stitch -- I want to nap! Which is exactly what I'm going to do after I drop the girls at school this morning. One has left (she takes public transit) and two more are leaving in a few minutes. And then it's nap time for this sleepy lady!

I have decided that, as much as I love cross stitch, it's just not worth stressing myself over whether I'm behind or not. I think I will work on the projects that I've already started when I have time (and am awake enough to not constantly stab myself with the needle!) and post pics & updates accordingly. The challenge is to complete 15 projects in a year -- it is *not* about being first, or stitching the most, or anything like that. If it starts being a contest, it stops being fun, and I want to have fun!

PS: I plan to do a bit of something crafty after my nap! :D


  1. You sound like a very busy mom indeed! Enjoy your stitching and don't let it turn into a chore. You will have plenty of cute finishes this year!

  2. I had a lovely nap, actually (which is a shock & a half, because usually I get doing something & neglect myself) and then when I got up, I watched reruns of Monk on DVD while I knitted. Very relaxing!