Saturday, April 7, 2012

Non-craft stuff :)

Y'know, I wonder why my blog feels the need to tell me I replied to someone's comment... Seeing as *I'm* the one who commented, shouldn't I already know? I know I can be kind of scatterbrained, but jeez Louise!

In other news, I am going to be moving in a few months. Due to sort of personal reasons -- well, they're not that personal, but they're hella complicated -- my husband is going to move up north by the end of April, and the girls & I will follow in early July. We think it's only fair that they get to finish out their school year with their friends first.

Now, we're not moving too far -- only about 90 minutes or so north -- but I'm rather nervous about the whole thing. I'm used to being able to hit up an AA meeting whenever I please; it's one of the benefits of this huge city. And where I'll be moving to has the grand total of ... drumroll, please... ONE meeting a week. There are others during the week, but in other towns -- and I don't have a car. Or even my full driver's license, frankly.

My sponsor told me today that I'm "not the most outgoing person". I laughed; she's right -- I'm not! I'm rather shy & reserved, actually. So this is going to be a challenge for me -- wish me luck!

Bunny cake!

So, as you may have gathered, it's Easter this weekend. And to placate my kiddies, I made them a bunny cake. Sadly, I'm no artist, and anyone who attempts this cake will probably do a far better job than I will, but there you go.

And it's easy! I think Kraft Canada has pretty much the same cake on their site somewhere, but my mother made this same cake for me when I was very young. It's simple, and veryvery tasty.

First, make a 2-layer cake. Make it from scratch, make it from a box -- it doesn't matter. I used a white cake mix. Anyway, put one layer on a cookie sheet.

Cut two ear shapes out of the remaining layer. The remaining middle bit makes a nice bow tie.

Put the bow tie next to the layer that's on the cookie sheet. Put the ears along the other side. You may have to trim the ears a little to make them lie flat.

Next, slather it all over with either frosting or Cool Whip. I prefer to use the whipped topping because it's not as heavy as frosting, and then I don't feel so guilty when I go back for that second slice!

Finally, snip open some icing tubes, and draw a bunny face on it. Decorate it however you like. And stop laughing at my terrible drawing! :D

Now, go eat some bunny cake, and have a lovely Easter with the people you love the most. :)