Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day... 3 1/2? Cut me some slack? Please?

So, no stitching done today. No sewing, no cross stitch, nothing, nil, nada, nyet.

Okay, that's not *entirely* true. I did knit a bit.

After several years, I have only ever mastered a plain knit stitch. That's right; I can't even purl. This limits me pretty much to things like scarves & afghans, like the half-done scarf in this pic.

Isn't that pretty yarn? I love the self-striping stuff. I don't have the label anymore, but I remember I bought it at Michaels, and I think it was store-brand stuff -- though don't hold me to that. This scarf will likely go to my middle daughter, who's all about pink. Not sure how I birthed someone so girly, but there you go!

Tomorrow I will do some more of my challenge pieces. I guess I will need to work on two to catch up!


  1. I love the yarn colors!!! I wish I could knit, but sadly I only know how to crochet (oh and loom knit). This still counts as a stitching for 2012 challenge, right?!

  2. I hope it counts... I loom knit too, but not often. I can't crochet though -- I wish I could!