Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8, supposedly..

Wow, not only do I suck at updating, I also totally suck at keeping up with this challenge! I should by now have 8 projects started... No. I have... 5? I'm not even sure. I've been working nights lately, so I haven't had the stitching time that I would like.

Still -- here's 2 more updates!

First of all, this lovely celestial design. In the booklet I have, it's shown done as a box lid insert, on dark fabric. Nice, yeah?

First of all, I haven't got dark fabric, so I'm using white Aida, and I will fill in the background later with a dark blue, maybe in tent stitch.

Next on the agenda we have some owls! The magazine in which I found the pattern has them on a cute little makeup bag, but I will simply be putting them in a frame.

Better progress on this one, but then I had to go make supper!


  1. The Celestial design will look great! Dark tent stitching for the background is a good idea. I made something like that in needlepoint for a friend, but never took a picture of it.

    The owls will be so cute! Good for you that you were able to squeeze in some stitching time before meals!

  2. I have had that booklet with the celestial design (there are several different ones in it) for a good 20 years, but this is the first thing I'm actually making from it!