Friday, September 9, 2011

quilts, sort of

I like to be cosy. This might be why I like quilts -- they're cosy. Snuggling up in a quilt is cosy!

I don't really quilt; I "fake-quilt". I sew the quilt top, and then -- instead of using the usual batting -- I use an old cotton blanket or something similar between the top & the backing. Then I make sure when I sew all 'round the outside that all 3 layers are firmly sewn together. Sure, it's not REAL quilting, but I enjoy it anyway.

My oldest daughter, Emily, received this quilt for her 11th birthday last year:

Now, I'm behind the quilt, holding it up. I'm about 5'5", so you can get a good idea of the size.

My middle daughter, Maddy, turned 10 in May. Guess what she got?

Yes... it's very pink. She's by far the girliest of my 3 girls. The youngest, Liv, will be 9 in November. I guess I had better get cracking on hers, seeing as 2011 seems to be "year of the quilt" in this house!

Maddy & Liv were also the recipients of doll quilts for their baby dolls to share:

Oh, hey, did I mention they're all sewn by hand? And it's not that I'm bragging so much, but it's rather a confession that I simply cannot figure out how to use my sewing machine! :D


  1. I love your quilts... Hand sewn :o how long did they take you? You have inspired me to try make my first quilt.

  2. Kylie, they're not hard or anything (at least not my "fake quilt" way) and they really don't take that long. I think Emily's took about 3 weeks on & off, and Maddy's was about the same. They both used a mix of charm squares (5" precut squares) and 10" squares, all of which I ordered from -- I love that site a little too much, I think. The larger size of the blocks means you get results quicker!

    You should totally give it a try! :)